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For years we helped property owners just like you, in all kinds of situations. From a one time rental property owner to the next, entire towns and neighborhoods were revitalized, and in some cases entire neighborhoods were replaced, thanks in large part to our work. In these times, we realize that more people are having to buy houses in places that they aren't used to. This includes college students moving away to cities, and retirement funds, as well as first time home buyers who want a change of pace from cramped quarters. We help them find houses and then work with them to keep them up and running. This means working with banks to refinance loans, and finding properties to purchase that qualify for low interest rates.
The last, but certainly not the least of our services is something we call, "avoidance foreclosure". For years, we helped hundreds of clients avoid foreclosure by working with their lenders to reach an agreeable solution that benefits the lender and the client. When we helped a client who got bank owned, or a deed in lieu of foreclosure, we first went through the legal actions necessary to protect the lender's rights, then worked with the client to develop a fair offer. When the offer was accepted, we used our experience buying houses to negotiate with the bank to lower the monthly payments, eliminate or reduce the interest rate, and stretch the terms of the contract to as long as possible. Sometimes this meant that the house buyer was able to stay in the home for a year or more.
Our most valuable service, perhaps, is in helping our clients find buyers with cash offers. Because we know where many empty houses are, it is usually faster and easier to find a new home to buy than it would be to try to locate a house for sale by owner. We have a number of ways of locating these types of houses, some of which are quite risky, so we make every attempt to thoroughly investigate a potential house buyer. This is very important because if a person with cash in their pocket avoids foreclosure, they may never be able to get into a home again. You can discover here the best way to sell my house as is for cash.
One way to avoid foreclosure is to use a short property sale, also known as a short sale, to sell a house quickly and inexpensively. It is the perfect solution if you are trying to avoid foreclosure on your own, or just need to get cash to help you pay back debts or make other arrangements. A short property sale takes place in about a week from the time that you accept a house offer. Although many people will view a short property sale as a waste of time finding a house to buy, others see it as a very good option if they can't find a home to buy because they don't meet all the qualifications for a conventional loan. You should always consider whether a short property sale will work well for your circumstances before accepting an offer, but if it does you must take your time and ensure that you do everything possible to make sure that you get the best deal.
A second popular way of avoiding foreclosure is to use a real estate agent to sell a house. Many agents have excess homes and if they have plenty of properties available they will often negotiate with house buyers in order to ensure that they get the best deal. A real estate agent will usually only represent one buyer, which will reduce the risk that they will try to obtain a bigger amount from the seller and therefore increase the possibility of a successful transaction. A real estate agent will also help in arranging financing for the home buyers, although the buyer is still responsible for paying off the mortgage loan. Most agents will also provide a good inspection of the property to present to the sellers at closing. Here is a list of house buyers who buys homes as is in the area.
If you are not prepared to sell a house within 24 months, you can always rent the property until it sells. This will be a very good strategy if you know that you will not be able to keep up with your payments. The rent will go towards paying off your mortgage loan and any other expenses, and therefore you will avoid having to make a fair all-cash offer. If you are confident that you can keep up with your payments and are planning on selling fast then consider using a rental option - it may just be the way to go! Find out more details in relation to this topic here: ​
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